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Analysis of the Interference Effects in CMOS Image Sensors Caused by Strong Electromagnetic Pulses
Zhikang Yang, Lin Wen, Yudong Li, Dong Zhou, Xin Wang, Rui Ding, Meiqing Zhong, Cui Meng, Wenxiao Fang, Qi Guo
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2024;24(2):151-160.   Published online March 31, 2024
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Modeling and Prediction of Common Mode Electromagnetic Interference in GaN-Based Switching Power Converters
Chuang Bi, Heyang Shan, Kai Gao, Shaojing Wang, Peng Xu
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2023;23(3):233-243.   Published online May 31, 2023
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Estimation of Electromagnetic Field Penetration into Concrete Buildings Using a Theoretical Approach Considering External Environmental Factors
Han-Hee Lee, Jung-Hwan Lim, Jae Wook Lee, Jong Hwa Kwon, Jung-Hwan Hwang, Chang Hee Hyoung, Hyun Ho Park
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2023;23(3):212-223.   Published online May 31, 2023
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Leakage Power Canceling Module with a Negative Capacitor for a Circulator’s Isolation
Tan-Binh Ngo, Quang-Huy Do, Sang-Woong Yoon
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2023;23(2):129-133.   Published online March 31, 2023
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A Simplified Frequency Model for Industrial Common-Mode Chocks Used in High-Power Converters
Seyed Fariborz Zarei, Saeed Khankalantary
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2021;21(1):15-22.   Published online January 31, 2021
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Emulator for Generating Heterogeneous Interference Signals in the Korean RFID/USN Frequency Band
Sangjoon Lee, Hyungoo Yoon, Kyung-Jin Baik, Byung-Jun Jang
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2018;18(4):254-260.   Published online October 31, 2018
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SDR-Based Frequency Interference Emulator in the Space-Time Domain and Its Application
Hyungoo Yoon, Jungsun Um, Jin-Soo Park, Byung-Jun Jang
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2018;18(1):58-62.   Published online January 31, 2018
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Optimum Array Configuration to Improve Null Steering Time for Mobile CRPA Systems
Gangil Byun, Jong-Chul Hyun, Seung Mo Seo, Hosung Choo
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2016;16(2):74-79.
Distributed Resource Partitioning Scheme for Intercell Interference in Multicellular Networks
Jae-Su Song, Seung-Hwan Lee
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2015;15(1):14-19.
Achievable Ergodic Capacity of a MIMO System with a MMSE Receiver
Jae Hong Kim, Nam Shik Kim, Bong Seop Song
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2014;14(4):349-352.
Analysis of Radio Interference through Ducting for 2.5 GHz WiMAX Service
Ho-Kyung Son, Jong-Ho Kim, Che-Young Kim
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2012;12(1):94-100.
System Strategies for Time-Domain Emission Measurements above 1 GHz
Christian Hoffmann, Hassan Hani Slim, Peter Russer
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2011;11(4):304-310.
Interference Tolerant Based CR System with Imperfect Channel State Information at the CR-Transmitter
Asaduzzaman Asaduzzaman, Hyung-Yun Kong
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2011;11(2):128-132.
Boosting the Uplink Throughput of OFDM Systems by Creating Resolvable Interference
Manar Mohaisen, Bing Hui, Kyung-Hi Chang
J. Electromagn. Eng. Sci. 2011;11(2):113-121.


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